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21Oct 16
MANTAR To Play WFOA 2017

MANTAR to play WFOA 2017

Witchdoctor Productions is proud to announce German / Turkish Two piece MANTAR will play both Witchfest Open Air 2017 Johannesburg and Cape Town. Formed in 2013, Mantar is set to take the rock death black punk doom metal world by storm. If you dont know them, read on, watch the videos and prepare for a sonic onslaught unlike anything ever witnessed at Witchfest Open Air .

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24Sep 16
Wherever We May Roam . . .

Wherever we may roam . . .

The chains are off and we have set our sights on a new way forward for Witchfest Open Air 2017.  Reducing it from a full camping event into a one-day festival, that is hosted in Johannesburg and Cape Town. This new system will make it cheaper and much more affordable for fans.

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11Sep 16
Witchfest 2015 – Book Update

Witchfest 2015 – Book Update

The notorious Witchfest 2015 Book – We can confirm that we finally have a proof ready for print that meets all the standards set by our printers. This has been a long and crazy journey putting together this project. We regret the delays and cannot wait for you to see the final product.

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Witchfest Open Air 2017

14th April 2017

15th April 2017
Cape Town


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Another killer piece of art done for us by @StephenIllicere as part of the #witchdoctor